VALIANT-ine's Day on Wednesday, February 14th
February 5, 2018
VALIANT-ine’s Day on Wednesday, February 14th

VALIANT-ine’s Day on Wednesday, February 14th at Captain Blue Hen Comics VALIANT-ine’s Day at Captain Blue Hen is where we will…

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February 23, 2015
Don’t Overlook the Little Guys

In the comic book world, there’s the Big Two and then there’s everyone else. With DC’s CONVERGENCE and MARVEL’s SECRET WAR…

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December 31, 2012
Valiant Hits the Bull’s-eye with Bloodshot

BLOODSHOT Vol 1: Setting the World on Fire Writer:  Duane Swiercynski Artist: Manuel Garcia, Arturo Lozzi Valiant | TPB | $9.99…

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November 26, 2012
VALIANT COMICS: Back From The Shadows

SHADOWMAN #1 Writers: Justin Jordan & Patrick Zircher Artist: Patrick Zircher Valiant Comics | comic | $3.99 Review by Mike Clarke…

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September 10, 2012
Caveman with a Jetpack

X-O Manowar: Birth Writers:  Bob Layton, Jim Shooter, Joe Quesada Artists: Mike Manley, Mike Leeke, Sal Velluto, Barry Windsor-Smith Valiant Comics…

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