July 21, 2018

Kylie Jenner/Kardasian needs your help! I recently read the heart wrenching news that Kylie only has $900 million through her cosmetics company! Due to us living in this marvelous age, we can do our part to get her over the hump and become a billionaire. You can donate to a GoFundMe page to raise that much needed 100 million. Folks, our Jason has done his part by buying her products, now it’s your turn! [Editor’s Note: Please don’t!]

Kylie Jenner/Kardasian needs your help!On not quite as grand of a scale, if you’re into scary things and all that goes with it, you can help out an up and coming project by going to the Kickstarter campaign of “The Horror Box”. I met these fine people at the recent Galactic Con held at the Howard County Fairgrounds near Columbia, Maryland. They had a promotion whereby you spin a wheel and always won a small prize (I scored me a horror/energy drink!). Go to the horrorbox.com to find out how YOU can score some swell stuff.

Kylie Jenner/Kardasian needs your help!The show, as far as being a comic booker dealer was concerned, was a disappointment. The building was cavernous so it was hard to judge the attendance–the wide aisles were never packed. Regardless, there weren’t many comic book seekers that day. If not for sales to another dealer, who was going be at the following week’s First State Comic Con anyway, I would have lost money. There was some drama at the show, though. Legos seem to be back and there were quite a few set up hawking those terribly expensive pieces of plastic. Two purveyors of these little bricks and figures were set up next to each other and one was upset that his neighbor wasn’t selling Legos, but look-alike, third party items. He actually built a sign out of Legos with an arrow pointing to the table of the seller of “Fake Legos”.

Kylie Jenner/Kardasian needs your help!As mentioned, the following week was the First State Comic Con, held roughly twice a year, here in good ol’ Delaware. Yes, my savior from the previous week was set-up, so he didn’t stop by my tables, but I did fine anyways. I gave dealers and “regular” people the same sale and by the amount sold to dealers, my prices must be too low. Even so, with attendance down at this show compared to previous ones (according to the promoters), I sold more than 6 times as much to “regular” customers than the week before. This, in a show in tiny Delaware, with what a number of people have told me, had more comics in the room than to be found at a Wizard World Con!

More drama! Most of my evenings feature vegetating in front of the boob tube catching cop shows – just discovered “Bosch” (unfortunately, you’ll need Amazon prime to get it). No “reality” shows for me, I like my drama shows, but not in real life. Another comic book-related drama occurred last week as I attended an auction with lots and lots of comics. Where? down near Columbia, Maryland, again.

Kylie Jenner/Kardasian needs your help!About 30 boxes and crates were up for grabs. Most were mixed-up accumulations with some scattered gems among the groups. Two long boxes, however, were definitely from someone’s organized collection. One was nothing but Batman and the other was nothing but Detective comics. Both runs started with 10 centers and were near complete runs. The Batman issues began with number 134, skipped a few, and then was pretty much solid from 150 to about 360. The 171 (1st Riddler) was really nice, the 181 (1st Poison Ivy) was decent, the 232 (1st Ras al Ghul) was perhaps a VG, as were the rest of the Neal Adams issues. The box of Detectives featured an almost complete run from 295 to 500. The big key, # 359 (1st Batgirl), was just a VG. Another long box contained an Amazing Spider-Man run from 110 – 233 (missing 121, 122, and 129!!) plus Peter Parker #64 (1st Cloak and Dagger), Daredevil 132-190, and others. I found ASM 238 and 239 in another box. Daredevil 131 (1st Bulleye) was in another. The Watchmen run was spread out among the boxes. If one looked carefully, a hidden Swamp Thing 37, New Teen Titans 2, silver age Flash, Green Lanterns, Brave and the Bolds, and Justice Leagues could be found. The most interesting box to me had a run of Ms. Marvels 1-22, Star Wars 1 – 39 with two #1s, the first two issues of Iron Fist, early Black Panthers, a nice group of first series What Ifs, Peter Parker 1-36, and a copy of Marvel Comics Special #1 with real Kiss blood!.

High bidder had his/her choice of one or as many boxes wanted at that bid. I checked my notes and the Batman box went first at $1700 (plus an additional $255 in buyer’s premium). I thought that getting it for $1500 would have been a good deal for me, although after selling off the keys, I’d have to wait a while to recoup my full investment. I had my eyes set on that last box above. Well, here’s where the drama set in. With that first box of comics bringing WAY more than any of the other items sold so far in auction, the auctioneer said that he thought the buyer should take care and watch the lot, since they had a thief the week before. Then he quickly said that with the 8 cameras in the room, it shouldn’t be a problem – they identified the culprits – a couple, with a stroller, no less.

Kylie Jenner/Kardasian needs your help!That set off a storm when a woman in the second row stood up and protested. I was in the back and could not hear every word, but did hear her claim that she was the only one with a stroller that week. The auctioneer tried to get her to listen and said she could go to the office and view the tapes herself – that he would join her after the auction, but had business to take care of currently. After an extended discussion, seemingly going nowhere, she left, only to return later, and left again. I stayed until the comics were all sold, but the atmosphere in the room really went downhill – things seemed awkward. The second box to go was the Detectives, at a cost of $1500 plus BM. Everything went for much more than I was comfortable. As I left, empty-handed, I saw the woman in the office with several others. Maybe I’ll find out more next month, as more comics were promised to be in the next auction.

Next up – Dover Comic Con – Saturday, August 18th. I will not be bringing major books but WILL have loads of new ‘dollar” books and sets that have never been in the shop! After that, our Labor Day Flea Market!

By the time you read this, the new Overstreet Price Guide will have arrived. Ya better grab up those back issues before I get a chance to jack up my prices!


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