April 4, 2018

Dave’s Stack – What is Captain Blue Hen Reading? – April 4

It’s me, Dave! I’m the guy you never see in the Facebook videos. I’ve got a face for blogging and podcasts (remember those?) and comics. Check out that drawing of me as a warrior on the top left of this column!

The best way to get to know me is by looking at what I get for the week. See if my tastes align with yours and if you may trust my recommendations online and in the store.

Here is my “Stack”, which is my weekly pile of new comics. Yes, it us usually a bit Marvel-heavy. The “Top o’ My Stack” is a brief review of what I look forward to most and the book I will read first. I get to see what you are reading. Next time I am ringing you up, tell me which book in your stack is the one you can’t wait to check out. What is on the top of your stack?

Dave’s Stack – What is Captain Blue Hen Reading? – April 4 Featuring at the Top o’ My Stack:

Writer: Robert Kirkman
Artist: Charlie Adlard

The Walking Dead is at the top of my stack everytime it comes out! Whatever I post here as the “Top” comes next if The Walking Dead arrives that week.

Watch the show? Read the comic! The comic is well ahead of the events of the show and characters and situations play out differently. The comic book has always been better than the show and that is especially true now (don’t get me wrong, I will always be a fan of the show).

At this point in the series there are still surprises with interesting new characters, places, and events. That’s as far as I can get with NO SPOILERS!

Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard continue to come up with great stories and new creepy threats for the band of survivors. One of my favorite comic books of all time.

IMAGE COMICS says: “NEW WORLD ORDER,” Part Four: Princess unleashed! It’s possible Princess doesn’t quite fit in at the Commonwealth…


My Entire Stack This Week

Dave's Stack - What is Captain Blue Hen Reading? - April 4


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