March 5, 2018

VENOM 30th Anniversary / Action Comics #1000 Signing

Comics Creator Signing at Captain Blue Hen Comics

VENOM 30th Anniversary & Superman 80th Anniversary Celebration
Wednesday, April 18, 2pm-7pm

Celebrate 2 milestones in one day at Captain Blue Hen. Revel in VENOM’s 30th Anniversary with his co-creator DAVID MICHELINIE and get a custom sketch cover variant from our friends from The CORPSE CREW: KEN HAESER & BUZ HASSON…or, get your hands on a copy of ACTION COMICS #1000 and meet ACTION alum BRETT BREEDING (who’ll be on hand to sign books and take commissions)!

On April 18th DC COMICS brings you ACTION COMICS #1000. For nearly a century, SUPERMAN has been the high water mark when it comes to superheroes and that tradition still rings true. To help ring in 80 years of truth and justice, CAPTAIN BLUE HEN COMICS will be opening at midnight to allow fans and collectors the opportunity to get their hands a copy of this momentous book. To further celebrate the day artist BRETT BREEDING will be on hand from 2 PM to 7 PM to sign and personalize copies of ACTION COMICS #1000!

WHO– Brett Breeding in store
WHAT– Action Comics  #1000
WHEN- April 18th   2PM to 7PM
WHERE– Captain Blue Hen Comics   280 E. MAin St., Newark DE 19711
WHY–  ACTION COMIC #1000 hits shelves and blows minds as DC’s ACTION COMICS hits a milestone not yet seen by mainstream publishers. Be here to help us ring in Brian Michael Bendis’ run in the DC universe!
HOW– Pop into the shop between 2 and 7 PM to meet comic great Brett Breeding. Brett is one of the instrumental artists that helped usher in “The Death of SUPERMAN” and leave his mark on the hero forever. Brett will be signing books and taking limited commissions. Signatures for $5 each.

2018 is the 30th Anniversary of the biggest most fan-beloved Spider-Man villains of all time: VENOM. To celebrate, Captain Blue Hen Comics welcomes the creator of Venom, David Michelinie! Joining David will be local comics artists Buz Hasson, Ken Haeser, and Blair Smith who will be selling Venom illustrations during their visit.

WHO– David Michelinie in store
WHAT– Celebrating 30 years of VENOM
WHEN– All year, but specifically April 18th (2-7 PM)
WHERE- Captain Blue Hen Comics  280 East Main Street, Newark, DE, 19711
WHY– Thirty years ago local writer and creator David Michelinie created (with Todd McFarlane) Marvel’s VENOM. Now, with the break out event of the Spring VENOMIZED, the focus is back on the goopy alien symbiote and it’s partner EDDIE BROCK. Will this unlikely team be able to repel the POISONS with the help of MARVEL’s MIGHTY HEROES or will they need the added advantage of joining with the symbiote?
HOW– Drop on by Captain Blue Hen Comics and meet comic book royalty David Michelinie. David will be signing books (only signing comics that he has worked on and only one copy of the same comic) and our friend from THE LIVING CORPSE, Buz & Ken, will be taking commissions and sketch covers.




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