February 11, 2018

It took over 40 years of buying and selling funny books, but it wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that I held a copy of the Holy Grail of the comic book world – ACTION COMICS #1!. I actively collected golden age Superman comics years ago and did manage to put together a nice run of the first 50 issues of Superman, but never did I run across Action #1 before. If Dave is able to upload a picture of me holding it, that’s an 8.0 copy in my hands. 8.0? It could have been an 8.5! Regardless, it was gorgeous in my eyes. CGC gave it a “conserved” label, not the old purple “restored” label. It’s had some work done, but who cares? Evidently, they have changed their labeling practices a little. There are 3 levels of restoration and a conserved label that indicates professional repairs were done to “improve the structural integrity and long-term preservation of a comic book”. Again, who cares? It’s Action Comics #1 and this copy was primo!

I owe a great big “thank you” to one of our members for allowing me the pleasure of actually holding it. And, no, I ain’t telling you who has it!

Back to the real world.

New acquisitions have been small lately, although two descriptions of potential collections coming in sounded very interesting. Both involve people who need to clear out the belongings of family members. We’re talking sizable groups of early comics. Let’s hope!

I did pick up some non-superhero material lately when a member needed to downsize. If you stop by my tables at the February 24th Galactic Con in Middletown, you will see archives and portfolios that have not been in the shop – especially “EC” material! The original owner had a massive, massive collection of trades and hardcovers that highlighted some of the best artists of the comic book world. He did take many of these to his new digs, I bought some, and Joe will be putting more out in the shop in the near future. In addition to these, I will be bringing along comic-related books that I have accumulated from past buys and occupy space at home. The ‘boss’ says it’s time to clear out the piles! Not wanting to bring them back home, they’re going to be priced to move! Remember: the time to buy something is when you see it!

Seen any good TV lately? I was highly entertained for 4 hours on Sunday night, the 4th! Fly, Super Bowl Champion, Eagles, Fly!

Also, on the small screen, may I highly suggest checking out The Punisher (eh, not for the kiddies) and Longmire (6 seasons have been out and I just discovered it!) on Netflix

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  1. Herb Foster February 17, 2018

    You've always been legit, but it"s nice to have confirmation :)
    Longmire is a great show, sorry it had its final season this year

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