January 3, 2018

Dave’s Stack – What is Captain Blue Hen Reading? – January 3

Who is Dave? Good question, but the best answer you may get from me is through looking at what I get for the week. If you look at these month after month you may see what my childhood was like, or if I have kids, or how old I am. If you can glean nothing else, you should be able to see if my tastes align with yours and if you may trust my recommedations online and in the store. Check out that drawing of me as a warrior on the top left of this column!

Here is my “Stack”, which is my weekly pile of new comics. The “Top o’ My Stack” is a brief review of what I look forward to most and the book I will read first. I get to see what you are reading. Next time I am ringing you up, tell me which book in your stack is the one you can’t wait to check out. What is on the top of your stack?

Dave’s Stack – What is Captain Blue Hen Reading? – January 3 Featuring at the Top o’ My Stack:

Dave's Stack - What is Captain Blue Hen Reading? - January 3

Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Chris Samnee

I am not a the biggest Captain America fan but I do love Cap. My favorite runs (nothing controversial here) are by writers Roger Stern, J.M. DeMatteis, Mark Gruenwald, Mark Waid (with Ron Garney art), and Ed Brubaker. Plus I love Cap with the Avengers. For me, no one can show what makes Steve Rogers Captain America like Mark Waid. Read #695 and Secret Empire era Steve Rogers will be immediately erased from your mind. Mark Waid’s Cap is a true hero.

Marvel says:
Kraven the Hunter has a new target – and it’s Steve Rogers! Trapped in unfamiliar territory, stripped of his shield and on the run, Cap must find a way to evade Kraven long enough to save an innocent life – but this time, that might be impossible! And just wait until you see the final page…”


My Entire Stack This Week

Dave's Stack - What is Captain Blue Hen Reading? - January 3



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