November 29, 2017

Dave’s Stack – What is Captain Blue Hen Reading? – November 29

It’s me, Dave, everyone’s favorite at Captain Blue Hen (other than Paul, Joe, Jason, Madge, or Thomas). I’m the guy who is never on a video or in a photo. Check out that drawing of me as a warrior on the top left of this column!

This is where I share my “Stack”, which is my weekly pile of new comics. Long-time readers of this website remember “Top o’ My Stack” as a look at my reading habits. This is the all new, all different, hardly-ever-published, “Stack” where I give you the whole list of what I am getting this week plus a mini review of what I look forward to most. Next time I am ringing you up, tell me which book in your stack is the one you can’t wait to check out. What is on the top of your stack?

Dave’s Stack – What is Captain Blue Hen Reading? – November 29 Featuring at the Top o’ My Stack:

Get the December edition of Previews this week and discover the future of comics!Dave's Stack - What is Captain Blue Hen Reading? - November 29What is PREVIEWS?

Previews is a monthly catalog of comics and other fun items. The collectibles and comics in Previews is merchandise that will be available approximately two to three months from the release of the catalog. Shipping dates, prices, pictures and descriptions of the merchandise, and order forms are included in each issue.

What will you see in PREVIEWS every month?

You’ll find creator interviews, news and reviews of upcoming projects, and publisher and company descriptions of future items such as the following:

Comics from the big publishers Comics from the small press
Trade paper backs and hard covers Books and magazines
Statues and busts Toys
Games Trading cards
T-shirts and other apparel Pop culture-related fun stuff

Why should you check out PREVIEWS?

Previews is like a time machine that allows you to see the future of comics and collectibles. With Previews, you can find out when that new mini-bust is available or what the next big comic event will be. Previews can give you the shipping dates and descriptions of products with more certainty than most websites.

Besides the ability to see what’s coming out, Previews actually gives you the power to order these items with short and easy-to-use order forms provided in each issue. Simply fill one out according to the given instructions and hand it to your friendly Captain Blue Hen staff member on your next visit to the store.

Also, while we at Captain Blue Hen would love to be able to stock each and every item that is available on a monthly through Previews, time, and storage space simply do not allow it (and it’s difficult enough maintaining Joe’s sanity as it is). Previews is your way to find and order the goodies that pertain to your particular interest. And, if we see that many of you are special ordering a particular item, well we may just have to carry it on a regular basis.


My Entire Stack This Week

Dave's Stack - What is Captain Blue Hen Reading? - November 29



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