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September 29, 2017

Ah…were we ever that young?

Remember this feeling? Stealing away ten minutes to read that books that you’ve been looking forward to? To a degree I still get to do this at the shop prior to the books being pulled for our members every week. If your like me though (and I know you are) you find it increasingly more difficult to get through that stack every week.

Jack Colatriano finds a moment to check out the new DUCKTALES comic

Now it could be the fact that we all have exciting jet-setting lives that keep us burning the candle at both ends. It could also be that we have responsibilities to ourselves and others that don’t include us getting that much need time to the check in on the X-Men to make sure that Jubilee isn’t in danger. On the surface, that would seem to be the case, but I say thee nay.

It’s our phones.

Well,not only our phones…but our electronic devices.

I was having a conversation with my close personal friend (and sometimes muse) Joe Murray.

(above) Joe Murray circa 2010

We were talking about how no one seems to have enough time to read their selected titles. During the course of the conversation we both realized that we read our books in the “in-between” times, the “grout” of our days. In-between times are categorized as those times of the day that are sandwiched between our more important tasks.

Got dinner cooking? Got 15 minutes to spare?

How about this one? Ever been in your car waiting to pick up your child from school?

After you put Junior to bed and your spouse is watching their fourth episode of CHOPPED,you could probably plow through 2 to 3 titles…right? WRONG!

Anymore we take that precious time to see who’s still playing FARMVILLE or reading an article about the most GOOGLE’d food by state. Again, I say thee nay. Put it down. Read a comic. This doesn’t mean we need you to abandon social media altogether. Heck no! We just implore that you consciously take that in-between time grout and use it wisely.

IMAGE Comics’ Shirtless Bearfighter #4

Use it to read about a shirtless, bearded man who has a sworn vendetta against bears.

Use that time to be spirited away to a place where animals now rule and humans are second class citizens.

Use it to read a story that’ll help you connect with you youth.

Use to have ammunition for that next New Comic Wednesday debate your bound to have.

Or use it to catch up with friends you have sen in a long time.

So, in summation…

Put it down. Read a comic.


MARVEL: Legacy #1 on sale 9/27/17


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