Dave’s Stack – 12/14/11

December 12, 2011

It has been close to two years since I cancelled this feature on the site. My comic selections don’t change frequently, so it was starting to look the same week after week. Looking back, comics and my buying habits have changed. Also, there has been an influx of new customers. Hopefully you are all interested in my weekly Pull List. : )

So, for the next few weeks, you can get a look into what the guy behind CBH Online and behind the counter buys and reads.

What are you reading? If you need some suggestions, you’ll see our other “cover gallery-type” posts here tomorrow and Wednesday where I’ll post the “big books” and list the “DC New 52” for this week.

Click on the covers to get a description of what I’m picking up this week! See everything coming in on Wednesday on our New Comics page.


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