The Living Corpse Review

July 11, 2008
Living Corpse #1 CoverThe Living Corpse #0 – 4
Written and Drawn by: Buz Hasson and Ken Haeser

Thank goodness we have a fun zombie book. With the super depression pill that is Walking Dead, it’s good to take a break from that once in a while. Though calling The Living Corpse a zombie book would be selling it short. It’s really a fun story following a man that is trapped keeping the other-worldly things from destroying the normal humans. The only problem with that man is that he’s already dead. So, calling this a fun story may also be misleading. This is a harder book to peg down than I thought…anyway, we follow him through his misadventures fighting all sorts of evil such as a Werewolf, Mad Scientist, Wendigo, and Zombies (the brain dead kind). All throughout he’s either cracking wise or cracking heads.

The art on this book is phenomenal. No, it’s not super realistic, instead Ken and Buz decided to go with an incredibly cool animated type of style that fits the “out there” vibe of the book. The colors fit perfectly and really help set the dark tone against the more lighthearted look of the characters. That is, if you can call a living corpse lighthearted. Just pick up any issue and flip through and you’ll find nothing but great action and clever writing throughout.

Speaking of writing, The Living Corpse definitely has a voice, and new characters introduced each issue are fleshed out enough that you immediately get what they want to accomplish. In terms of plot and story, each issue is a one and done. But throughout the whole thing is a running subplot that really comes to a head at the end of issue #4. There are laugh out loud as well as “oh man, that’s nuts!” moments peppered throughout every issue.

Really, when it comes down to it, the fact that this book jumps to the top of my pile every week it comes out has to say something. While this one might not be appropriate for the little ones, if you like to laugh and if you enjoy zombies, this book is worth every penny.

Check it out if you like: Old school horror, Zombies, and laughing

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