Paul’s Puzzle Page’s first contest! Win $25 in Green Tags!

September 3, 2007

Hopefully, you have tried the SEND MORE MONEY puzzle. I know, I know, it’s math one, but everyone should be able to get it if patient. The winner of the one below gets a choice of $25 in any 3/4″ Green tagged Items in the shop. In the event of a tie, the winner will be drawn at random. Good Luck!
The Puzzle: You will be given 26 clues/questions to answer. Some have a very specific answer and others are like crossword puzzle clues that are a little vague, lending themselves to several possibilities. Unfortunately, unlike a crossword puzzle, you will not know how many letters are in the answer. (If this turns out too tough, I may add that next time I do one like this) All of the answers are short – either a one or two word combo, but here’s the catch – only one answer starts with the letter “A”,one starts with a “B”, and so on, all the way to “Z”.
Naturally, for those with a specific answer, you know where they go; but, for those clues with several possible answers, you will have to figure out a best answer to go with the other clues. I have made up this format and have not tried other combinations of answers to see if they fit also. I will try to test alternative answers received. However, I reserve the right to be ultimate and supreme judge in grading. No whining.
Important Rules and Restrictions:
1) One entry per person
2) All entries must be made submitted in person (no email, snail mail,fax,or phone calls allowed)
3) Entries must be made in a single sheet of paper with a one column down the left side in alphabetica order, of coursel!! Please put your name, and phone number on the page.
4) Entries must be turned in by 8:00 PM on Wednesday, Sept 12th.

The 26 clues/questions:1) It hits a homer with Homer?
2) All signs are negative in the third
3) Doc, Ms. Kitty, Fester, & Matt Dillon resided in this state
4) Eddie Munster’s middle name
5) Half of a fish?
6) A comic character created by Newark’s own David Michelinie
7) ____ Day and the Knights
8) He sat on Topper
9) Loni, Gillian, or Pam?
10) Son was deputy mayor of NYC, Dad was president of USA
11) Where to find many Dell Comics
12) A dozen dozens
13) Half of a fly?
14) On Paul’s son’s real estate website (see earlier blog), what form is listed as an important update and listed far right on the tool bar?
15) It can’t be a divisor
16) Second in line?
17) A “30” who was in “Once Upon a Time in China” II & III
18) A furry Star Wars creature
19) First former living person to have a portrait on a regular US coin
20) Sean Connery played his Dad
21) 13, 23, 43, & 53, but not 33
22) Nicholson played the same character as him 23 years later
23) A brand of Kraft coffee
24) Former major leaguer who “must be in the front row”
25) a “Fruity 24 Hours” comic by Oni?
26) Probably the tallest Catwoman

That’s it!! Good Luck!!
PS> The next one is a pure math puzzle. Keep Tuned!


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