Mouse Guard Fall 1152 Review

August 21, 2007

Mouse Guard HC
Mouse Guard Fall 1152

Writer & Artist: David Peterson

Remember that odd shaped comic sitting on the shelf? Yeah, that weird looking square one that had some mice with swords on it. And then remember when the issues kept coming out and you just looked at it perplexed? You would stare shortly, remember that book series Red Wall, and then realize that it is familiar, if only to a small degree.
Well, that odd looking book was Mouse Guard. David Peterson took it upon himself to self publish this book in black and white for a short while. Then it was picked up by Archaia Studios Press, colored, and released in comic shops everywhere. This is a whimsical story about mice in another time and place. People are not a worry, only other animals, at least, that’s what they thought. When certain things fail to add up, three of the Mouse Guard take it upon themselves to learn what has happened. They soon learn that they had more to fear than predators: other mice. The writing is solid, told with as few words as possible to allow the art to speak for itself.

The larger pages make for a nice wide screen viewing pane and the art really pops. Even though these mice speak and fight, they are drawn in a realistic tone, as well as the sprawling backgrounds. It looks so good you feel you could reach in and grab the little guys. Through the six issues, the art gets better and better as Mr. Peterson learns his craft all the more.

With this book getting huge coverage, it would be a bit of a shock if you haven’t heard of it. It’s being added to Sci-Fi book clubs as well as Children’s Libraries across the nation. But it’s alright if you’re late to the party, you can enjoy this great story anytime with this Hardcover. A soft cover is on the way, but not until 2008.

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-Tom Lynch


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