More collections have been purchased! Blank GreenTag Sale!

August 7, 2007

I have picked up a few collections in the last two weeks. Included are some golden age westerns, Amazing Adult Fantasy (no #15), early Avengers, Spiderman and X-men. Check the showcases for some new key issues – Ironman 55, Amazing 122 (Death of the Green Goblin), Tomb of Dracula 1 & 10 (1st Blade),and more first appearances.

Saturday, I met a nice couple in Smyrna and picked up over 500 comics from the early 70’s. This was an interesting group in that it had plenty of superheroes, but also, Westerns, War, and Horror. It looked like someone had perhaps cherry-picked the lot of the major issues, since it had numbers before and after Hulk 181, Amazing Spiderman 129, but there were still a number of interesting issues. Come in and take a look. Because I have a lot of stuff in the works, I just bagged and green-tagged about 400 issues. These DO NOT have a price on them – YET! Until I get around to accurately pricing them, they are only $1.00, that’s ONE BUCK A PIECE!. These can be found in two of the boxes below the table across from the booths. Note: at this price, NO ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS apply!

If you check an earlier blog, I picked up another large collection recently, and again, not having the time, put many into sets and runs at incredible savings. Look for some of these sets in the boxes below the table across from the booths. Members: You DO get your member discount on these!

Speaking of earlier blogs, no one has taken me up on my offer to trade comics for coins!! I have added quite a nice selection (the 3/4″ green tags) of late. Offer is still good. How’s this for another trade offer: My comics for an old muscle car in need of mechanical work (no major body/rust problems). OR… My comics for some body work done on my Chevelle? Any takers?


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