Big Blue Barrels Going, Paul’s Puzzle Page Coming!

August 31, 2007
    Big Blue Barrels

Our source for those 55 gallon hard plastic barrles has dried up. If still interested in one or more of these handy items, act quickly! For those just discovering that we have these for sale, the original material shipped in them was in a large bag, that bag in another, and then removed from the barrel. The inside does not have to be cleaned. The removable cover has a locking metal ring with a seal and two 2 inch screw-off portals if you wanted to add pumps. Cost – only $25 each. Call us at 737-3434 if you need more than one – they are not stored at the shop.

    Paul’s Puzzle Page

I guess I need another hobby, ’cause I;m going to try to put up some puzzles on this blog on a regular basis. They will be of different types and THERE WILL BE PRIZES! Naturally, there’s a catch and a method to the madness. We want everyone to get into the habit of checking this blog AND stopping by the shop!! So, here’s how it will go: you read the puzzle on the blog, work it out at home, then bring your entry to the shop. Just to get you rolling, here’s a teaser – NO PRIZE ON THIS ONE! –
What with the college students returning and hitting up Mom and Dad for cash, here’s a classic:
(+) MORE
(=) MONEY (write this vertically as if doing an addition problem)

Replace each letter with a number so that the problem is correct. Wherever you see the same letter, you must replace it with the same number. A number can not be used to replace two or more different letters. Neither “S” nor “M” may be replaced with a Zero. There is one solution. This requires elementary school math and some problem solving skills. (Note: too many elemenatary schools are handing calculators to second graders and the understanding of basic number patterns has diminished. I know, I saw it as a high school teacher as the new generations came through! Parents – make them learn their multiplication tables and long division, and do some mental math! O-K, O-K, I’ll get off the soap box now). I’ll give a hint on this page in a few days. The final answer will be posted next week.


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