Discounted Comics and Real Estate and Big Blue Barrels

July 13, 2007

What do these have in common?
Paul has comics for sale, one son is a real estate agent and another son has big blue barrels available.

Here’s the deal in a snapshot: Visit and receive a coupon good for 50% off all 3/4″ green-tagged comics at Captain Blue Hen Comics in Newark, Delaware plus a discount (only $20 each) on those beautiful, big blue barrels. Coupons will be good for two months from the time of sign-in at the site.

Why are we doing this? Obviously to get you into the habit of checking our sites on a regular basis. In these blogs, you will find specials and contests that are NOT being advertised elsewhere.

What’s so special about the website? Paul has made it possible for the potential home owner or seller to check out and compare other listings and get information not available on other agents’ sites. You can get comparisons of homes in different neighborhoods including not only values, but pictures, maps, local services, crime rates (very specific), schools (includes test scores, student/teacher ratios and much, much more) – information that some realtors either do not know or are unwilling to release. It’s all yours and IT’S FREE! It even has tips on trying to buy or sell on your own and, again, there is no obligation. Naturally, Paul would like to pick up clients through this website, but is doing this for goodwill. Pass it on to friends and family.
If you would like a contact and/or the discount coupon, it will be necessary for you to go to the “About Me” link and fill in the contact info so that we know you have visited the site. Then, come to the shop (give us at least one day) and your name will be on the “visitors list” to receive your coupon.