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July 9, 2007


It’s been a while since I posted anything on the site and had a few moments, so…

Big Blue Barrels – Yep, we still have some, but the supply will be dried up shortly. These are 55 gallons and made of heavy (strong but light) blue plastic. The cover is completely removeable with a airtight seal and two 2″ threaded portals for attaching a pump, etc. The original product shipped in these is double bagged and then removed – these are clean. They have many uses, the most popular seems to be for collecting rain water (remember, we’re located next to a health food store).But, other uses are storage, pond filters, floats, trash containers. Cost is only $25 each. Paul can deliver quantities within a short distance. Usually, you can fit one in a car.

Gone, Gone, Gone A couple of items that were previously listed for sale on this site are gone – That beautiful 2006 Dodge Charger SRT8 went to a nice couple in Ohio (yes, they found it while googling the net and came upon our site!) and one of our members saw the wooden back issues bins and somehow convinced the wife that he had to have them!!

Going, Going, soon to be Sold .I have been a little busy lately and have not posted items on eBay recently, but that will change soon. Remember to put “CBHCOMICS” as a favorite seller and check in every so often. Naturally, you won’t have to pay shipping!
I’m also thinking of trying a “silent auction” at the shop. My thoughts were to put up some items with a low opening bid and NO RESERVE! Bidders then submit their best offer on paper by the posted deadline. This will not be a live auction style, but a no games playing, make a reasonable now instead of waiting til the end type of deal. I am still mulling over the concept and welcome any ideas or suggestions.

Finally, CUBANE is Back! Paul’s son, Paul, the real estate agent for Realty Executives (383 – 7998) is also an accomplished bass player. Having played with Delirium Theory / Trail of Temper for over 6 years, Paul left and helped form the new hard rock band CUBANE. As happens with bands, members come and go, and they now have a new lead singer on board, Shaun Trainor, and are ready to rock. Catch Paul, Shaun, guitarist Tom Castiglione, and Matt Doyle on drums this Friday the 13th at the “baby grand” (next door to the Wilmington Opera House on Market Street). Doors open at 8:30. For more info, go to myspace/cubane.

Comics for Coins I am still willing to trade green-tagged comics for US coins of interest. Being a collector and not a dealer, I usually can offer a better deal them most. See Paul at the shop.

Comics for Classic Cars My youngest son and I are looking for an old muscle car, preferably a “bowtie” (Chevelle, Camaro, or Nova) to restore. We’re not interested in something that would require extensive body work (by the way, i need a good contact to work on my Chevelle for some patch work – know anyone?)


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