New Silver & Golden Age Collection – 1st Thor & More

June 19, 2007

Paul just bought a collection of about 200 silver & golden age comics. Included in the bunch is a Journey Into Mystery 83, the first appearance of Thor (He gets a new series shortly.) Instead of paying the guide price of $12,500 for a NM copy, you could own this one for a mere $395 Also, in the batch was a copy of Showcase #8, the second Flash, which guides at $18,000 in NM. Sorry, but that one got snagged up within a half hour of being put on display!
Still lots of other great issues in the lot – such as Fighting American #1, Space Ghost #1, Space Family Robinson #1, a Frank Frazetta cover to Buck Rogers, lots of S.A. Action, Justice League, Superman and Batman related issues, and much more. The collection came in with some in great shape and some pretty beat. For example, you can pick up a J.I.M. #85 (1st Loki – $2100 in NM) for only $15 or a Fantastic Four #10 for just 5 bucks. The comics must have been stored in two different locations. Anyway, check the showcases, the new box on top and the boxes in front of the booths for these new additions. Lay-a-ways can be arranged.


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