COINS WANTED!! willing to trade comics for them!

May 26, 2007

I’ve always been a collector – comics (of course), baseball cards, rocks & minerals, and my first – COINS!!! Being a baby boomer, I grew up when Indian head pennies, V and buffalo nickels, and Barber coins were common in change. I had a great collection until I fell for a 1952 MG TD (right from England – steering wheel was on the right side!) that I saw at a dealership in PA. Sold the collection and got into British sports cars for a long time. Now, it’s muscle cars of the 60’s & 70’s. Anyway, a good friend and the new statehood quarters rekindled my interest. So… I am willing to trade comics (those with the green tags, even those in the showcase) for American coins of interest. I am willing to offer 10 times face in trade at my prices marked (not any sale price) for silver coins – pre 1965 quarters, dimes, & halves and 1942 – 1945 war time nickels. $20 trade for 1878 – 1935 silver dollars. Coins may be worn, but not bent or holed If you have other material of interest, especially “key” coins, maybe we can work something out. These offers are being made by Paul only – kindly bring in coins only when I am on and try to avoid Wednesdays. Thanks

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