September 20, 2017

Dave’s Stack – What is Captain Blue Hen Reading? – September 20

Hi, Dave here, you may know me from behind the counter at Captain Blue Hen or maybe you’ve seen me getting coffee at Wawa.You might know Paul, Joe, Jason, Madge, and Thomas–I’m the guy with a beard except for when I don’t have one. Check out that drawing of me as a warrior on the top left of this column!

This is where I share my “Stack”, which is my weekly pile of new comics. Long-time readers of this website remember “Top o’ My Stack” as a look my reading habits. This is the all new, all different, irregularly-published, “Stack” where I am give you the whole list of what I am getting this week plus a brief review of what I look forward to most and the book I will read first. I get to see what you are reading. Next time I am ringing you up, tell me which book in your stack is the one you can’t wait to check out. What is on the top of your stack?

Dave’s Stack – What is Captain Blue Hen Reading? – September 20 Featuring at the Top o’ My Stack:

Dave's Stack - What is Captain Blue Hen Reading? - September 20
Writers: Ian Boothby, Carol Lay, Dean Rankine
Artists: Carol Lay, Dean Rankine, Tone Rodriguez, Andrew Pepoy
I won’t do any Simpsons impressions for you at the store, but I have had a lot of practice over the years because I have been reading these comics out loud to my children and they want the voices. My kids actually knew these characters initially from the comics and only later watched the show. The young ones are getting older now and often read them on their own, but I still get called up once in a while for a performance so I have to keep myself in good voice.
Simpsons comics are consistently good and the Treehouse specials usually have a comic book-related story.
Bongo Comics says: “As children, Marge, Homer, Lenny, Carl and Barney were tormented by a clown that lived in the sewer. Together they defeated the face-painted fiend. Now as adults, they are about to be tormented by the same clown again. Sometimes “IT Happens.” Then, Comic Book Guy gets a well-deserved curse placed on him by an unsuspecting citizen of Springfield. And finally, Marge is the only one standing between her family and a fungal invasion from space!”


My Entire Stack This Week

Dave's Stack - What is Captain Blue Hen Reading? - September 20



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