August 16, 2017

So Now It's My Ugly Forehead?So Now It’s My Ugly Forehead? I don’t know if this internet thingee is going to last, but it sure can cause some consternation. I constantly get emails saying that my Facebook messages have gone unanswered (I’ve never been on Facebook – never!), and as I stated last time, I’ve never owned a cat so I don’t need a remedy for its spraying. Lately, someone believes I need help with the ol’ noggin! Who told them? Anyway, lets talk comics – the new Overstreet is in!

It’s news to me! With more and more emphasis on scarcity and that many of these 1 in a gazillion variants are bringing more money than many key books, I was completely taken off guard to read that Superman #1 (yes, the 1939 version!) actually had 3 printings! Right on page 95, right before the ‘market report’, of the new 47th edition, there is a full page article about this recent discovery. Evidently, with the original print run of 500,000 copies selling out immediately, they went back to 2nd (250,000) and 3rd (150,000) printings – all roughly within the same month. Could these be distinguished from one another? Yes! The 1st printing had an ad for Action #14 stating that it would be on sale on June 2nd. The 2nd printing said it was “now on sale”. There doesn’t seem to be a way to differentiate 2nds from 3rds at this time. The guide does not list any differences – YET! Hmmm…I have had the joy of owning two copies over the years. I wonder which ones I had.

But back to variants – a number of the contributors to the Market Report note the prices going up, sometimes even higher than the 1st print on certain later issues – even the Whitmans. 5th printings of Man Of Steel #18 command more than the original. The Hulk 377 3rd printing lists for $125 in the guide. One dealer claims it’s a $200 book! Need one? I have one at the moment for less than guide! Bought it from a collector who found it in another dealer’s dollar box!

So Now It's My Ugly Forehead?Overall, the tone of the articles was very positive for back issues. New records are constantly being set for keys, especially in high grade. However, there are many reports of lower grade copies selling for multiples of guide since the other end is out of reach for most. The guide lists 6 grades with the last two being 9.0 and 9.2 and there being roughly a 20-25% jump in price. Trying to be accurate and consistent as to a 0.2 difference is pretty tough and from what I’ve witnessed, the third party grading companies have great difficulty doing it. So why the close grades in the guide? I’ve heard of many cracking open a 9.0 and resubmitting in hopes of getting a 9.2 or better next time.

Okay, regular readers of my schlock, here’s the special: Answer the question below and take 50% OFF any and all green-tagged individual comics in the bins or the boxes above and below them OR just FIVE Dollars – whichever is LOWER! That’s right – it’s not a typo – Lower! yes, if you want that $30 comic, it’s not $15, it’s five dollars. In other words, everything priced $10 or more is just $5.00! Note: showcase books are NOT included! Now, for the fine print: No lay-a-ways and you must make your purchase when PAUL IS ON DUTY (I don’t want to complicate the cyphering for the other staff members with this promotion!) and do so by Sunday, September 3rd! Answer this: On a recent episode of a great AMC series, while in the library with Jesse and Cassidy, Tulip was listening to a books on tape – a copy of American Psychopaths. Who was to be covered in Chapter 58? You have enough hints, now do your homework! Note: I may not be at my regular post on 8/31. That means this sale is only good on 8/24, 8/28, 8/28, & 9/3 – 4 Days only!

Been doing a lot of buying lately. Again, as the pickers say, “The time to buy something is when you see it”. Always check the bins and showcases for new stock.

So Now It's My Ugly Forehead?I’ll be set up at the Dover Comic Con on Saturday the 19th with boxes upon boxes of dollar stock that has never been in the shop! Bargain hunters, come on down. Anything not sold and/or new buys picked up in the mean time, will be available at our Labor Day Flea Market on Monday, September 4th. I just opened the spaces for sale and it’s almost full! If considering setting up, let me know NOW!

Got a date for the next First State Comic Con – Sunday, January 12th – a must for any comic collector!

Just a short one this time – me and my offensive brow are signing off.


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