July 19, 2017

Dave’s Stack – What is Captain Blue Hen Reading? – July 19

“Dave’s Stack”? What’s that? Well, it’s my stack of comic, of course! Long-time readers remember “Top o’ My Stack” and “Dave’s Stack” as a peek into the mind and reading habits of CBH favorite, Dave/me. This is the fourth installment of the refreshed “Stack” and I am giving you the whole list of what I am getting this week plus a brief review of what I look forward to most and the book I will read first. The new version is called ‘ Dave’s Stack – What is Captain Blue Hen Reading? – July 19 ‘. (I have to admit, I repeat the heck out of the title to get a better SEO grade if that makes any sense.)

Featuring at the Top o’ My Stack:

This is a perennial favorite of mine, so you may be familiar with this pick.
Every issue of BACK ISSUE magazine is a treasure trove of information and interviews about Bronze Age comics. This means all stuff from 1970-85, which is when I started reading comics. If you question why anyone would be interested in reading about old comics, I say give one issue a try. You’ll find it’s chock full of new interviews with classic creators and lots of original art giving you the back story to all your favorite back issues. And I guarantee you’ll find interest in old comics that you thought you’d never read.

Twomorrows Publishing says: “It’s the “DC in the ’80s” Issue! From the experimental to the fan faves, this was the decade when DC Comics declared, “There’s No Stopping Us Now!” Behind-the-scenes looks at Secret OriginsAction Comics WeeklyDC ChallengeThrillerElectric Warrior, and Sun Devils. Featuring Jim Baikie, Mark Evanier, Dan Jurgens, Doug Moench, Martin Pasko, Trevor Von Eeden, and others! Featuring a mind-numbing Nightwing cover by Romeo Tanghal.”


My Entire Stack This Week


Dave's Stack - What is Captain Blue Hen Reading? - July 19


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