Free Comic Book Day workshops with the Captain

May 3, 2017

Free Art Workshops 

Hey there all you margin doodling and sketchbook filling Cats and Kittens, The Ol’ Captain is here to give you the 411 (that’s a thing you used to do before Siri and Google started doing all the heavy lifting for us) about the Astounding Array of Artistic Acrobatics and Wonderous Knowledge dropping that is a staple of Captain Blue Hen Comics’ Free Comic Book Day Festivanalia, otherwise known as the Free Comic Book Day workshops with the Captain.

11 am-Doodling the Dark Side-Drawing monsters with Buz Hasson:  Our resident zombie master and the fastest man to ever hold a sharpie, Buz Hasson, co-creator of the Living Corpse (And Grumpy Cat and Underdog artist, too, to boot.  When does he sleep?) helps burgeoning artists of all ages with tips, tricks and fun designing monsters of all kinds, from the macabre to the misunderstood to the cute and fuzzy.  And Bonus! we have some Marvel Monsters Unleashed sketchbooks to give away to our first attendees.

12 noon-Comics on the Half Shell or Drawing with Renaissance Masters- How to draw the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with Ben Harvey:  Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo- we know them as great painters but mostly as the  even more outrageous and butt-kicking ninja turtles.  Ben Harvey, fresh off a stint as a cover illustrator for the Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Animated comic, helps you learn how to bring these rad reptiles to life on the page.  Cowabunga!

Free Comic Book Day workshops with the Captain

1 pm-Getting Buggy with it-Having fun with Insects with Esabelle Ryngin:  Captain Blue Hen staffer and artist -in-residence, Madge, busts out her artistic nom de plume and her mad entomolygy skills to take the scary out of our multi-legged crawling and flying friends.  Who says ants, bees, spiders and dung beetles can’t be cute? Not Madge.  She may even try to convince you to eat a bug.  Be sure to pick up her Beginner’s Guide to Entomology on sale at Captain Blue Hen.

2 pm-I’m not Grumpy; I’m just drawn that way-Drawing Grumpy Cat and cute characters with Grumpy Cat (and Living Corpse) artist Ken Haeser:  Why is this frumpy feline always frowning and how do you play with expressions of the furry and chibi alike? While a master of illustrating the undead, Ken shows his cute and cuddly side with these fun lessons in expressions and drawing the adorable.


All workshops should last about 30 to 40 minutes and take place in the Gallery of the Newark Arts Alliance next door to Captain Blue Hen comics.  Don’t worry about bringing pencils or paper–we’ve got you covered.  Feel free to ask questions and have fun.  The classes are free and open to all ages.  And while you’re at the Arts Alliance, be sure to check out the art show featuring looking graphic and comic artists and check out the face painting and craft activities sponsored by our friends at the Newark Arts Alliance.  Some craft activities may require nominal fees or donations.  And don’t forget Mother’s Day is almost here so check out their wonderful selection of handcrafted gift ideas.


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