Free Comic Book Day Guest Artists

May 3, 2017

Free Comic Book Day Guest Artists

Meet the artists – Getting the most out of Free Comic Book Day

Hey there Free Comic Book Day Fanatics.  Can you believe we’ve been celebrating this four color festival of fun since 2001?  And a big part of the celebration remains the awesome artists and writers who sketch, sign and chat all day with the legion of fans who line up.  Who are these talented and fun folk? Here’s the low down.

Since the very first Free Comic Book Day, Neil Vokes has been the foundation upon which Captain Blue Hen has built our celebrations around.  He was at the very first one and every one since.  I’m pretty sure he set a record for number of sketches drawn many years ago when it was a solo show.  There’s a reason we dediccated one of our booths to him last year (check out the plaque). Neil is  veteran comic artist, best known for his art on Superman Adventures, Untold Tales of Spider-Man, the second generation of Ninjak, his many collaborations with Kurt Busiek and Mike Oeming and, of course, The Vokesverse, a line of horror titles drawn and co-created by Neil currently published by American Mythology.


Our next Staunch supporter of the shop is Buz Hasson who was helping out the Hen even when he was a teen when he created the Captain Blue Hen logo for us.  Buz and his long time partner in comics, Ken Haeser, created, write, draw, and clean up after The Living Corpse, a zombie with a conscience who has both a full length animated movie and a successful Kickstarter under his corpsey belt.  Ken and Buz have also done many covers and lotsa work for Dynamite and American Mythology.  Ken has done countless sketch and remarked covers for Dynamic Forces, Aside from the gruesome, this quick drawing dynamic duo are comfortable with dabbling in the cute as well, having worked on Grumpy Cat (ask them about GC’s entourage) and Underdog.  This year’s FCBD Underdog comic features a coloring page by Buz and Ken.  Check out the gallery at the Newark Arts Alliance for Buz’s contributions to the art show.

Grumpy Cat

Living Corpse Exhumed


Scott Roberts is no stranger to comics and comic strips.  HE was a long time illustrator of the Nickelodeon Rugrats newspaper strip. In comics Scott has drawn and written stories for Spongebob Squarepants, Dexter’s Laboratory, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Looney Tunes, and Uncle Grandpa.  Scoot’s most personal and well-known creation is the eponymously named Patty Cake.

Scott Roberts


Ben Harvey is a Philadelphia based artist and grizzled veteran of the Free Comic Book Day trenches here at Captain Blue Hen Comics.  Most recently Ben contributed covers to the IDW Batman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Animated comic. You can check out some of Ben’s bombastic artwork at



Another triumphant return visitor is Interrobang Studious and artist Kevin Bolk.  Master scribbler of chibis, Video game icons and the Adventures of Ensign Sue and numerous webcomics.  Interrobang has branched out into developing card games with Pocket Rivals.  Kevin, Sarah and Sammi of Interrobang will be on hand with the most tricked out tent of prints, sketch cards, hand crafted art and more.  I’d say you’ll have to see it to believe it but it’s so mind-bendingly stupendous you’ll probably still have doubts.


Kevin Bolk



Who is the Kimerex Project? Well, not to brag, but the Ol’ Captain knows his secret identity and you can meet this amazing new talent in person.  You know the awesome 35th Anniversary Captain Blue Hen t-shirt you see the staff wearing sometimes?  It was all Kimerex and that’s why they’ll be destined to be collector’s items.  Some of his cosmically cool artwork is also on display over at the art Alliance.



Local YA author Liz DeJesus represents at Free Comic Book Day. Her “Fantasy with a Touch of the Strange” have won many reader voted awards. Her novels  include the Frost series, The Jackets, Morgan, Laurel, Girl and Mugshots.  All you Otaku and author-in-training should check in with Liz as she is also the co-founder of the Hockessin Art and Book Fair and Anime Day. Check out Liz’s cool Free Comic Book Day video here:

Liz DeJesus

Glass Frost

Zenescope publishing has made it’s mark for over 10 years of combining the sexy and supernatural with its Grimm Fairy Tales and Wonderland titles.  Take equal parts cheesecake and ass-kicking and you’re starting to get a sense of the addictive intersection of Tales from the Crypt, Snow White and Victoria’s Secret of the Zenescope line of comics.  Zenescope is appering 10 to 1 and bringing an exclusive Free Comic Book Day variant cover only available at a few select stores for the big day.  If you’re a fan of dinosaurs, sharks, bears or the Discovery channel be sure to check out their line of books for kids about the coolest, fiercest and deadliest predators in the food chain.


Discovery Channel




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