Say It Ain’t So…

April 24, 2017

marvel-premiere-15Say it ain’t so…CGC made a mistake!!! And a real doozy it was.

I assume that someone decided to take advantage of the current increased interest in Iron Fist and sent in a copy of his first appearance (Marvel Premiere #15) for grading. The copy sent in was beat!–heavy, heavy stains on the back with creases, tears and water stains evident on the front, but the owner probably figured it would command a premium, enough to cover the cost of slabbing. Instead of receiving somewhere between a 2.5 and 4.0 grade, it came back with a 9.2!

Evidently, CGC scans all of their graded books, puts them up on a site, and the obvious over-grading was discovered. The owner was notified and CGC requested that he send the comic back at CGC’s expense, they would regrade it and also offered an additional grading for the inconvenience. If he didn’t, he would be banned from submitting any comics in the future (this is in the fine print in their terms of use/service).

Well, the owner basically paraphrased what Senator Graham claimed Assad was essentially saying to President Trump and put the book up on eBay. He listed it as “Marvel Premiere 15 The Infamous CGC Error Book” It’s eBay item # is 112358387374. He started it at a $1.00 opening bid and the bidding ended Monday, 4/10, night at $ 965 with 81 bids placed! Supposedly, CGC has taken down this copy from its site and removed the serial number from its database, so it no longer exists! Yeah, but if indeed he does get paid, I can guarantee that the seller doesn’t care!

I’m not sure what the new owner plans on doing with this “gem” but I know where another one is – maybe not quite so extreme. One of our members showed me two CGC graded comics he recently obtained. One was a Preacher #1 that received an 8.0 and the other was a foil covered New York Con variant of Wonder Woman Rebirth #1 that scored a 9.2.

Preacher #1 CGCOther than the right edge of the front cover to the Preacher coming up just shy of covering the interior pages, I could not find a flaw – sharp corners, absolutely no creases or spine stress marks. Could that “production flaw”, if you want to call it that, bring in down more than a full grade? see the scan.

The 9.2? Besides also having the ‘defect’ of the front cover not matching up to the interior pages, as above, there ARE serious creases at the top and bottom of the right edge, dozens and dozens and dozens of scratches on the front and back covers, and several fingerprints showing (I wonder if forensic science would prove them to be those of a CGC grader?) !!

Dave put up a scan of this, but unless you have the ability to see it full-size, you might not be able to appreciate how bad it is. Even a low resolution view shows the crease at the lower right corner, but the darkness at the top right might hide it. Folks, these are deep, color-loss creases and couldn’t possibly have been over-looked. Value?

There’s a thread of comments on the net about this issue. I read most of one of them, but then it started to deteriorate into name calling. However, one commentator, supposedly an Overstreet advisor, said he would never send one in again when they ruined one of his books and wouldn’t make good on it – essentially disclaiming that they caused the damage. The fine print of that last submission form I’ve seen states that they are not liable for any damage while in their possession. Years ago, I sent in an outstanding copy of a mid 40’s golden age comic – one of those that only had a single staple (not too uncommon then) only to get it back with a 4.5 grade and a note on the label saying the centerfold was loose. NOT when I sent it in! Would it be unusual for these single stapled issues to have loose centerfolds? No! So I can imagine that the 3 graders expected it to be so and pulled on it until… It costs me hundreds when I listed it on eBay, but there wasn’t anything I could do about it. The new owner raved about it, though!

Wonder Woman Rebirth #1 NYCCGrading is very subjective and it’s hard for anyone to be consistent, but I have to admit that a slabbed book is easier to sell online.

On another note, I check out the RT. 40 Flea Market and yard sales most weekends and just heard of another flea market opening up at Glasgow Park on Rt. 40. I did stop by and found it to be more of a craft/antique sale than a true flea market. Still, some neat stuff and they have food trucks on site. While so close, be sure to stop by the Whereabouts Café in People’s Plaza, practically across the street. Great bagels and our Miss Ellie works there! Also, right across the parking lot is Adrenaline, a toy and collectibles shop owned by one of our members, Jeff Hollick.

By the time this sees the light of day, I will have contracts at the store for our Memorial Day Flea Market. That’s Monday, May 29th this year. Check your calendar and if interested in setting up, sign-up as soon as possible – we always sell-out. Just $15 per parking space (10′ by 20′). You provide your own tables, chairs, canopies, etc.

One more item: One of our customers came into the shop seeking comic book artists to help in a project. I know we have a lot of very talented people in our group and this is a paying gig! Sound like something you might want to learn more about? Contact Jarred at 215 – 292 – 9178.

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  1. Gotchadave April 27, 2017

    In the last 40 years I've seen a lot of changes in this great hobby of ours, but in my opinion the worst thing to ever come about was the slabbing of comics and collectibles. Besides the inaccuracies and subjectivity of the grading, the attractions for collecting them in the first place are entombed in an acrylic shell by companies only interested in making a buck. The look, smell, and feel of a vintage comic are impossible to recreate in reprint trades, and the fun advertisements and now-defunct letters pages never make it in. I've bought slabbed books only to bust them open and enjoy them. You can almost hear the sighs of relief from their creators.

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