Really Now, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

March 20, 2017

horse and buggyWhen searching on for potential comic book lots to bid on, I limit it to a 100 mile radius. That’s a pretty big area, but my searches usually find me checking out auction action in PA–somewhere from the York area to Lancaster and Reading and across to upper Allentown and back to Philly–rarely anything below that big semi-circle.

Even though I’m not that far away, there are times that make it seem like I’m in a different country, whether it be the dress of the locals or their customs. Naturally, I’m used to seeing horse and buggies tied up outside a house sale in Lancaster, the boys in bright blue shirts and straw hats. However, once when at a huge farm estate sale near Allentown, there must have been a different sect in the area. All of the boys were wearing black pork-pie hats. That was the sale where besides HUGE farm equipment, there was a decent grouping of Golden Age superhero books–nothing bagged and boarded–literally an attic find–and laid out on a straw covered table inside a barn!

A few weeks ago, I was up in that general area recently, Schnecksville to be exact, and saw a billboard advertising a fund-raiser for a local fire station. Down here, that would probably be a ‘Beef and Beer’ or “Crab Feast’ event. Not up there. It was for a “Pork and Sauerkraut” dinner. ALL YOU CAN EAT! (I’d suggest that one get there early – before others’ gastric juices start to ferment – if you know what I mean). Different strokes…

jackie robinson comic bookWhy was I in Schnecksville? They had an auction that featured some interesting comics. Unless I see pics of the comics, I don’t go, because “vintage” comics could mean ’90s to some auction houses. Unfortunately, the pics on the site hid many of the defects and I only got that Jackie Robinson comic in the side showcase. Still, I was making good use of my travel time since an online-only auction that I participated in 3 days earlier was only 10 miles away. I had won a copy of Batman #41–the first sci-fi cover for the title. After picking it up, I then hit good ol’ Sellersville Auction and dropped off a bunch for consignment. It was on my way there that I saw a disturbing sign, advertising an event for February 22nd–more on that later.

Walking Dead #1If I still have them after Galacticon, look for Walking Dead #1! Preacher #1! Suicide Squad #1! Silver Surfer #1! And more!

Turns out that on February 22nd, Sellersville was having one of their ‘mega’ sale’s and the items I had dropped out a few weeks earlier were to be included. These start at noon and go on until roughly dinner time, depending upon the number of lots. Not only did I manage to grab a couple of golden age comics (they’re in that box mentioned above), but I got the distinct pleasure in seeing that deep-pocketed gentleman buy several of MY comics at the auction. He ended up paying MORE for a couple of them than if he had bought them when still in the shop!

Heading back home from the auction, I passed again where the special event was advertised. I’m assuming that it was to be held later in the day as it was only about 5:00 PM. I didn’t see a commotion, no picket lines, no flashing lights or sirens, BUT, according to the sign, people were invited to: “Paint Your Pet – Paint and Sip – BYOB” As I said, what could go wrong?


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