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January 25, 2017

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weirdlove-16-coverWEIRD LOVE #16
Writer: Various
Artist: Various
IDW Publishing/Yoe Comics | comic | $4.99

When my daughter was born, I thought it would be a neat idea to build a comic collection for her. Thinking it was cute (and not sexist at all), I chose to collect romance comics for her. I started with a comic title with the same name as my daughter. Then I went after strictly Marvel romance comics where you can see art by John Romita and other Marvel superhero mainstays. Then I went with other publishers but stuck with the serious romance books. By the time I started to include funny romance comics, I had to acknowledge that it was me collecting romance comics and not me collecting them for my daughter. I have not read all of the romance collection but the ones I have read tend to be either maudlin or Archie clones. I dig the art and the hunt of collecting, but only the oddball ones are great to read. Yoe Comics does the work for me by grabbing the really interesting stuff.

IDW Publishing and Yoe Comics reprints unusual pre-Comics Code comics in Haunted Horror and Weird Love. These are more than reprints. The stories are curated by Yoe and Clizia Gussoni. Every other month you get horror comics or romance comics. These comics are packed with esoteric reading. The oddball ones are great to read. The stranger and older the better.

Note: Sales numbers have been going up a little but unfortunately, this title has not sold well for the store from the shelves. The few who read this book have this on their pullsheets or have a special order in. If you are interested in giving Haunted Horror a try, we can have this in your hands the Wednesday after you ask us. Members: the title is on the pullsheet or you can add it to your holds at the counter.

Yoe Comics says:
“If you love your comics weird, then Weird Love is the perfect comic for you! This issue starts with the cover story by Bob Powell, ‘To Love A Cheat.’ There are many more sordid stories this ish, but you demanded that we present another pinko-commie-cold war-comic so read it and weep: ‘Iron Curtain Romance!'”


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