Come to the Star Wars Holiday Special on Saturday

December 8, 2016

Come in to see Santa Vader and his Stormtrooper Elves this Saturday, December 11th from 11 to 2 for our Star Wars Holiday Special.  Get your photo taken with our Jolly Ol’ Saint Sith, try your hand at Star Wars trivia, play some silly games, maybe win some even sillier prizes, get a free Star Wars comic, watch the long lost (for good reason) Star Wars Holiday TV special and speculate wildly about the upcoming Star Wars Rogue One film opening next week. Captain Blue Hen Comics is at 280 E Main Street, Newark, DE 19711.  Call 302-737-3434 for more details.

Santa Vader

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  1. Albert Ray Thorp December 24, 2016

    Dave williams is a his own mind. wink.

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