Top o’ Dave’s Stack – 9/23 – Bart Simpson Comics #98

September 23, 2015

Bart_Simpson_98BART SIMPSON COMICS #98
Writer: James W. Bates
Artist: Jason Ho
Bongo Comics | comic | $2.99

Bart Simpson Comics (BSC) fills a few spaces that comic books need as a whole. We need more humor comics. We need more comics that are truly “all ages” (can be enjoyed by kids and adults). We need more comics that cost less (BSC still only $2.99!). We need more comics that are “done in one” (one can read any issue of BSC without having to read any before or after). We need more comics that have more than one story. We (and maybe this one is just me) need more comics with “Comics” as part of the title! Bart Simpson Comics fills all of these spaces!

Bongo says: “Bart and Milhouse search Springfield to reap the financial rewards being offered by Channel 6 for news tips, but when it turns out to be a slow news day, they decide to fabricate a few phony stories of their own. Meanwhile, Marge is not too thrilled with Bart’s fixation on his new violent video game ‘Skateboard Renegade.'”


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