Round 3 Results of the MENSA Bracket Challenge – and then there were 8!

November 11, 2013

American MENSA

So, here we go. All four of the number one seeds are still standing. Voldemort will face Sauron (a #3). Hannibal Lecter battles Freddy Krueger (#7), Darth Vader goes up against the #14 seed, Agent Smith, in the only 1 vs. 2 match, we have The Joker pitted against Magneto. Voting for this round ends Sunday night. Go to the American Mensa site and stuff the ballot box for your “favorite” villain.

Personally, I want all of the #1’s to go on, as that’s where I put my bets; and it has helped keep me in the lead with 70 points- again, ineligible to win prizes. The biggest leap this past week was make by Hunter Stitik, who picked up 24 points (had 6 remaining) and is now in a tie with Donald Thompson at 66. (As an aside and proud dad, I have to brag about Hunter, for he just successfully defended his dissertation and is now has a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Genetics.) Donald is in trouble, since he picked Lex Luthor to go all of the way. Hunter is vulnerable as he has John Doe (already out of it) making it to the finals. Only one point behind, Jack Pike will undoubtedly fall as his choice for eventual winner is Walter White – also gone. With each correct pick this round earning one 8 points, that leaves the possibility of a number of people sneaking into one of the money spots. Melanie Thompson sits at 63 and also hopes all 4 #1’s continue through the field this week with Hannibal the victor. Don’t count out John Hall if Sauron should take it all. Erin McDowell, like myself and Melanie, has the top seeds battling it out in the semis, but picked Darth Vader for overall champ. Jim Denaxas went with the longshot and chose Freddy Krueger for number one. A Sauron victory this week and Vader all the way throws Dave Williams in the mix. Sauron taking it all gives Mike Clarke some major points. I haven’t crunched all of the numbers, but all I know for sure is that past champion, Joe Forbes is toast – ALL of his picks from this point forward are gone. Sorry, Joe.


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