Top o’ Dave’s Stack – Wednesday 6/12

June 12, 2013

StarWars06_zpsb3bdc904STAR WARS #6
Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Carlos D’anda
Dark Horse Comics | comic | $2.99

If you are a fan of the Original Trilogy, you have to be reading this comic. Watch Episode IV and then start reading this series. The comic is a fun, but serious follow-up to that movie. There is a lot of action, but this is about the characters. This is the first time we experience the emotional fallout of the loss of Leia’s homeworld and her torture at the hands of Grand Moff Tarkin. We get to see how Wedge and Luke deal with being the heroes of the Death Star and why Han and Chewie decide to stick around with the rebels. Darth Vader gets demoted for losing! You must read this comic!

Dark Horse says: “When he and Chewbacca are cornered by Imperials, Han Solo resorts to an improvised plan—with the most dangerous results imaginable! Meanwhile, half a galaxy away, Princess Leia and Wedge Antilles prepare for certain death, unaware that Luke Skywalker has an improvisation of his own. And Darth Vader is watching . . .”


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