I’ve Got Blisters On My Fingers!

February 15, 2013

That title might make sense after you read through all of this.

Well, voters have given the thumbs down to the IRON, and Monopoly will be replacing it with a CAT! I guess CBH customers are not representative of the overall ilk that voted online.

I appears that there will be an opening at the end of the month for someone who likes tall pointy hats and is willing to relocate to the Vatican.

Yahoo! Walking Dead is back on TV!

Laughing_Dragon_cvr_Dat’s a lotta Big Little Books!
Last Saturday, I attended an auction that advertised that there was going to be a BLB collection. I did not expect to see a collection that large. I have never seen a group that large in one place! There were over 500 of the standard thick volumes from the 1930s and another 150 or so of the newer versions. Unfortunately, most were quite worn with many missing their spines – a common problem. Rather than taking all day to sell them, the auction house grouped them into lots of 15 or more. I picked up one group of 15 because it contained the two most valuable ones being offered – The Laughing Dragon of Oz and one of the three Green Hornet volumes produced. Besides those, I won 3 large lots of the smaller BLB’s – expect to see some of the comic book character related ones in the shop soon. BUT… they had comics, too, and that’s where I scored! I went there on Friday to check out the preview. The comics had been broken down into lots and most of them were fairly modern and with some in regular boxes, one lot in a tall wooden box, and then 5 lots in short flats. The newer comics were not bagged for the most part and had been exposed to moisture – the musty smell was strong. Worst is that many were actually sticking together! Fortunately, the older ones escaped the moisture problem for the most part and there were some serious issues present. I made notes so I would be able to know which boxes contained what and could do some research before returning on Saturday. Should have expected it – someone moved issues from one box to others and then left absentee bids! I’m glad I checked when I came back as I scored 3 lots with some important issues – including a Batman #85, Tales From the Crypt #20 (actually first of the title), Vault of Horror #40 (last of the series and with a low distribution), Weird Science #29 (also last of the series), X-Men #21 and some of the early Byrne issues in the low 110’s, Amazing Spider-Mans in the #92-99 range plus #29 and a decent #6 (first Lizard!) and a copy of Special Edition Comics #1. I had never seen a copy before and wasn’t sure if it was real, especially since it was at least 10 years older than any of the others in the lots. Research Friday night revealed no reprints of it. What is it, you ask? The first comic ever devoted entirely to Captain Marvel. This 64 page Golden-Ager came out in 1940 and pre-dates Captain Marvel #1. Overstreet estimates that a near mint copy would fetch $15,000 with a “good” worth $811. I priced this one at only $400, so you guess what condition it is in. It is complete, but the cover is off and almost split completely in two, and it has what looks like soot on most pages and, worst yet, small holes inside that appear to have been done by insects. These issues will be in the shop soon.

Speaking of back issues in the shop, the green-tag sale could end at any moment. Take advantage NOW! 50% OFF ALL green tagged issues in the bins. 25% OFF ALL currently in the showcases, with members in good standing getting a 50% discount (except the Donald Duck Atom Bomb premium, and maybe some of those new acquisitions just mentioned above – they will be clearly noted as such)- sorry, no lay-a-ways!

tumblr_m9t9huCwEz1rf4xcco1_500Show Me the Money – Part 1 With banks always on the look-out for ways to increase their bottom line (and bonuses for the big shots), credit card fees have been increasing for merchants, especially the independent stores that don’t have the clout big chains get a sweeter deal. Recently, however, merchants were freed from the restriction of not being able to add a surcharge for those using a credit card. Stores may add up to 4% to your final bill as long as they put up a sign stating that they are going to do it. That would cover the interest charges, but not the swipe fee. Since the vast amount of our sales are paid with a card nowadays, this adds up! The interest rate that a store pays is dependent upon the average size of their sales – the lower the average, the higher the rate for ALL of the sales during the time before the next analysis. A slight jump of a 10th of a percent is significant. It is also now legal for stores to require a minimum of $10 to use a credit card (I’ve seen some require a $20 purchase). So, Bunky, start carrying a few bucks on you if you plan on a purchase being less than 10 bucks. One of our staff members wants to give back-of-the-head slaps to those who pull out a card for a $2.99 comic. (I just had someone want to pay for a one dollar can of soda with a card!). I’m not going to mention that staff person by name, but I’d hate to be on the end of one of those slaps – she’s working on her third degree black belt! Joe happened to mention that unless they have changed the laws (which as you know are slow to happen – old blue laws), it might still be on the books that you could be arrested for vagrancy if not carrying a certain amount of cash on you! Please NO credit card use on sales less than ten dollars! Thank You!

Show Me the Money – Parts 2 & 3 I just deleted these two as I felt they were too controversial to include on our site – don’t talk politics or religion in the workplace. I’ll just say that I found it hypocritical that two large, well known, basically respected organizations considered suspending their strongly held beliefs if it meant loss of financial support. It’s been in the news recently. ‘Nuff said.

DSCN1515Calling all Dead Heads! At another auction, I picked up something you just HAVE to have! How about a HUGE 40″ by 60″ promotional poster for the Grateful Dead’s 1990 European “Without a Net” Tour? I snagged it for what my gut said was a good price and it was comfirmed when I went home and checked others offered on eBay (note to self: maybe I should join the 21st century and get me one of those new-fangled phones with internet access so I can research while at an auction!). I found others that had SOLD for $250 and more – some not being as nice as this one either. This one has been attached to foam board and has wear along the edges, but no creases due to it being preserved. Dave is going to attach a pic of the actual poster for me. Note the bottom right corner. It mentions an additional date on October 31st, which means it was a promo piece for their shows at the Wembly Arena in England. Again, it is huge – too big to list on eBay since I can not roll it up for shipping – so I am listing it locally, on Craigslist. I priced it at $150; however, if you would like it or know of friend who is a Dead Head, I will consider trading for comics!

Quick! What’s 2 raised to the 57,885,161 power minus 1? Yep, you guessed it – largest yet discovered prime number! A number that is over 17 million digits long! Credit for its discovery goes to Professor Curtis Cooper (related to Sheldon, maybe?) and his group at the University of Central Missouri – part of the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS). Interesting, yes! Useful? I’m not seeing it. Just hope it didn’t cost us taxpayers a bundle.

I know we have lots of members and customers who have comics and toys they would like to sell or trade. Last year’s Memorial Day Flea Market was a huge success, as was our on-going 4th of July event. Rumor has it that one of our members is planning a comic book/toy show at a near-by Newark hotel in the near future. We will provide more info as things become confirmed.

Finally, Bunky, feel like getting funky? Transonic will be bringing it to MOJO MAIN (that’s next door!) this Friday, the 15th. They go on early – approx. 9 PM

Oh, yeah, the title to this blog. I just happened to hear a song where the last words were “I’ve got blisters on my fingers”. The title of the song sorta describes this blog.


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