Top o’ Dave’s Stack – Arriving Wednesday 1/16

January 16, 2013

back_issue_62BACK ISSUE #62
Writers: Various
Artists: Various
Twomorrows | magazine | $8.95

Every issue of BACK ISSUE magazine is a treasure trove of information and interviews about Bronze Age comics. This means all stuff from 1970-85, which is when I started reading comics. If you question why anyone would be interested in reading about old comics, I say give one issue a try. You’ll find it’s chock full of new interviews with classic creators and lots of original art giving you the back story to all your favorite back issues. And I guarantee you’ll find interest in old comics that you thought you’d never read.

Twomorrows/Back Issue says: “Back Issue shines a light on “Superman in the Bronze Age”! The Julius Schwartz Superman Dynasty, the Private Life of Curt Swan, the Superman Family, Superman back-up series, an Atomic Skull history, World of Krypton (comics’ first miniseries), the Golden Age Superman, the Supermobile, and Alan Moore’s “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?” With a Superman vs. Bizarro cover by José Luis García-López and Scott Williams!”


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