Wow, We Called That One!

September 13, 2012

It’s been a full month since I posted anything on here, as my hunting as not yielded any exciting comic finds. The last thing I mentioned back then was that we were NOT going to do a Labor Day Flea Market, even though we had many requests due to the success of the Memorial Day and Fourth of July events. If you recall the weather last Monday, we avoided a monsoon! Counting our old Street Fairs, we are batting a thousand!

Personally, I would have liked to have had one as I have picked up some items that one normally does not find in the shop, but I certainly would have had out for sale at my booth (you know, the one under the nice shady tree!).

I mentioned last month that I bought a fairly large collection of Japanese anime DVDs and some related action figures and statues. I also expected to get another call from the seller when more of the collection was moved to Delaware. The call came two weeks ago and this time there were well over 350 more DVDs, lots of manga, and a few more action figures. With the almost immediate sales I had when I listed the first group of DVDs on eBay, I didn’t hesitate at all. I used small Diamond Comic boxes and filled them with 25 – 30 DVDs per group. The second purchase filled 13 more of these boxes and within 24 hours of them being listed, 11 boxes sold! I have two left – one is a set of 1 – 7 of Samurai 7 special edition DVD sets with sketch books and the other has a group of 25 – 30 others (if interested, go to eBay and once you find “coastalcandc” in your search for “sellers”, type in anime or manga to find what I still have listed. I put many of the manga trades in the discount boxes in the shop but have a nice Ranma 1/2 grouping of 32 different volumes (includes 1 – 27) listed as well as another group listing. The action figures are not on eBay due to the size and pain in boxing and shipping them. instead, I have them currently on Craigslist – 7 large Neon Genesis Evangelion figures, and a couple of Gunsmith Cats, Tenchi Muyo, etc. They are under Delaware Craigslist – collectibles. Scan back a few days or type in “0902” under search, as it will find my home number in the post. Oddly, among all of the Japanese related product was a Bob & Doug McKenzie set of action figures – Sold them on C-List!

Yes, I will trade! As I acquire collections and cherry pick the better issues, I end up with WAY more boxes than I know what to do with. You’ve seen them at our flea markets and I’ve done a few C.H.U.D. shows with them – actually I’ve done quite well with them! Still, they take up a lot of room and I know more will be coming. So… I advertised over 10,000 comics on Craigslist with the offer that I would consider trades. I ended up accepting some cash, some old US coins (including an 1810 bust half dollar) and a few of the new silver eagles, an old Nintendo game system with games, a nice framed postage stamp collection display of airplanes, and a really nice Red Sonja(?) piece done by Rudy Nebres, signed 1985. I made space and the new owner headed home with the back of a pick-up truck filled with 33 long boxes of comics. I’m sure his wife was overjoyed to see them carted into the house! Anyway, I’ll be bringing that nice piece of artwork into the shop. It’s for sale.

I just picked up a sizable collection of Famous Monsters of Filmland – over 100 different issues from 39 to 191, many in GREAT shape. They are not in the shop, but I can bring in if interested. And, of course, members get their discount!

Instead of just calling it a night, I messed up and probably paid way too much for a group of trading card boxes at an auction recently. I sold the unopened box of “Andy Griffith Show” cards to another bidder, but I’m still looking at two boxes of Rob Liefeld’s “Youngblood” cards, a box of Hildebrand Brothers’ “Flights of Fantasy” cards, and two boxes of 1989 Fleer Baseball (Ken Griffey Jr., Randy Johnson, Barry Bonds rookie cards, as well as the infamous Billy Ripken F-Face cards). Hey, I wanted to come home with something!

Last week I witnessed some bidders willing to pay way more than me for some older Batman items. A Batman game (in nice shape), a talking alarm clock (like the one on our shelf), a Joker stapler, A Batman pencil sharpener, an old desk lamp, some figures and miscellaneous items brought too much for me – no meat on the bone. The biggest surprise was when the hammer came down at $225 for a small box of 1966 Batman cards (about 100, loose, in average condition, not necessarily complete)! Huh? Again, I bought something to try and make up for my time and gas – a small box with a decent amount of Spawn and Witchblade comics that I’ll bundle, put up on eBay, and make a buck or two.

Last Saturday, my plans included going to an auction in Asbury Park, NJ that was advertising over 20,000 comics to be offered in 350 lots. Besides runs, and long boxes worth, there were some key issues. Among the Amazing Spider-Man issues was the first Green Goblin (14) and his death (122), Rhino (41), Punisher (129), the death of Gwen (121). Also, included was the first Wolverine (Hulk 181), New Mutants 98, Ironfist 14, and Ironman #1, to name a few. Mapquest said that it would take me over two hours each way, but it wasn’t to start until 2:00 PM, and I was curious. As a reseller, I really didn’t expect to get any steals, but who knows. Then, with the low expectations and the weatherman’s warning of a severe storm coming in that day, I stayed home.

This coming Saturday, the 15th, the wife has decided we’re having our largest yard sale, ever! She is clearing out the basement – household items, furniture, electronics, knick-knacks, and collectibles. You know I’ll be putting out comics – mostly sets and runs plus quite a few trades! Check Craigslist under garage sales and collectibles in a few days for directions.


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