Dave’s Stack – 12/21/11

December 19, 2011

Again, hopefully you are all interested in my weekly Pull List. Take a look into what the guy behind CBH Online and behind the counter buys and reads and decide if I’m qualified to give you reading suggestions. (Keeping in mind that I get some stuff for my kids who are 7 and 9.)

What are you reading? If you need some suggestions, you’ll see our other “cover gallery-type” posts here tomorrow and Wednesday where I’ll post the “big books” and list the “DC New 52” for this week.

Click on the covers to get a description of what I’m picking up this week! See everything coming in on Wednesday on our New Comics page.

  1. Matt December 20, 2011

    Speaking for myself here, I am always interested in what your guys are reading. You guys..... and Kita ha ha always know about those great sleepers that don't get alot of press or exposure but are just as good; if not better then the big "Event" books. The stack list gives us some incite into the minds of the Captain Blue Hen Crew. Although I do realize that is a scary place to go when it comes to Joe. ha ha ha I did see the preview pages for Memorial #1 on Newsarama and it looked interesting; might have to give it a whirl.

    P.S. Dave I know better. The Betty and Veronica and Tiny Titans are for you; don't go playing the "for the kids" card. ha ha ha

  2. Dave Williams
    Dave December 28, 2011

    Yeah, I enjoy 'em too!

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