Warren Ellis & Obscure Marvel Superheroes

February 19, 2011

Nextwave 01 - Cover
For all of those out there that love a good funny book AND love Warren Ellis, too, it’s time to checkout his 2006 12-issue run called Nextwave! It’s collected in a total of 1 Trade Paperback (used to be 2) and still currently available here at Captain Blue Hen Comics!  (If it’s sold out, we can re-order it and have it in for you the following Wednesday!)

So…what’s this book about?  I think it would be best if I take the words right out of Mr. Ellis’ mouth, straight from his original pitch:

“Nextwave is not about character arcs and learning and morals and hugs.  It is about cramming an insane movie into 44 pages at a time.  It is about the mad things underpinning Marvel Comics — S.H.I.E.L.D., ****, **** — and it is about special effects out of Asian cinema and absurd levels of destruction and a skewed sense of humour and spectacle and things blowing up and people getting kicked.


It is about humanoid clone things made out of engine oil and broccoli being smacked to death by a woman with a guitar.

Nextwave.  Healing America by beating people up.”

What he doesn’t mention is that it’s frickin’ hilarious!!  Okay…wait, he does say, “…skewed sense of humour…” but that doesn’t do the book justice.  He should have totally used the phrase, “Hilarity ensues.”  And it does.  Repeatedly.  As Warren may say from his birthplace in Essex, England, “BRILLIANT!!”

Here’s a few scans that I made from the first two issues that made me laugh out loud…hopefully they’ll make you wanna read this book (Click the links to enlarge):

Nextwave 01 - Page 01Nextwave 01 - Page 12Nextwave 01 - Page 13Nextwave 02 - Page 18


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