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November 8, 2007

PREVIEWS Coming Attractions–CBH’s Picks from DECEMBER PREVIEWS

Parents, look for the Kid Friendly logo for great all-ages picks!

bone7.jpegKid Friendlyblank

Bone Color Edition Volume 7: Ghost Circles Hard Cover & Soft Cover – The wait for the next volume of Bone is akin to the anticipation for a Harry Potter book. Well, wait no more for the next installment of one of the best comics sagas ever. [p. 234]

Kid Friendlyblank Classics Illustrated Jr. #505, 506, 507, 510 – Re-presenting the adaptations of classic children stories found in the original Classics Illustrated Jr. These issues reprint “Sleeping Beauty”, “Three Little Pigs”, “Jack in the Beanstalk”, and “Little Red Riding Hood”. [p. 238]

Classics Illustrated
#6, 16, 19, 26
– Reprinting the original Classics Illustrated comics you used for book reports until you discovered Cliff’s Notes. The adaptations found in these issues are: A Tale of Two Cities, Gulliver’s Travels, Huckleberry Finn, and Frankenstein. [p. 238]

Evil Dead #1 – It’s an adaptation and an expansion of the original Sam Raimi film. Mark Verheiden (Battlestar Galactica) and John Bolton re-present Ash’s first encounter with the Deadites in that infamous cabin in the woods in this four-issue mini-series. [p. 29]

My Name Is Bruce One Shot – Based on Bruce Campbell’s (Evil Dead) upcoming film about Bruce Campbell (Army of Darkness), this comic is about the adventures of Bruce Campbell (Adventures of Brisco County Jr.). Fully authorized by Bruce Campbell (My Name Is Bruce). [p. 32]

Apocalypse Nerd TPB – Post-apocalyptic action and drama as only Peter Bagge (Hate) can do it. This is the funny and horrifying survival tale of a software engineer stranded in the wilderness after Seattle has destroyed in a nuclear explosion. [p. 40]

Color of Rage TPB – Action in Edo-era Japan by the creator of Lone Wolf and Cub. [p. 43]

The Umbrella Academy T-Shirts and Buttons – Get your gear based on the comics title created by Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance. [p. 46]

DC Comics
Teen Titans: Year One
– Amy Wolfram, a writer for the much-loved animated Teen Titans, re-imagines the beginnings of the DCU all-sidekick original teen team. [p. 62]

Teen Titans: The Lost Annual One Shot – Bob Haney (Brave and the Bold, World’s Finest) returns to comics with this new tale of the old Titans. [p. 66]

JLA Classified #50, 51 – So begins a five-part story re-teaming classic creators Roger Stern and John Byrne (they worked together on a nice Captain America run). [p. 85]

The Spirit #14 – Sergio Aragones writes Spirit with assistance from his Groo partner, Mark Evanier and art by the legendary Mike Ploog (Monster of Frankenstein). [p. 87]

Batman: The Killing Joke Special Edition Hard Cover – Alan Moore wrote the definitive Joker story that took away Batgirl but ended up giving us the incredibly interesting Oracle. [p. 90]

Clyde Fans: Book One
Hard Cover
– Seth shows his story-telling expertise in this compelling tale that follows two electric fan salesmen. [p. 270]

– Alex Ross reintroduces classic superheroes such as the Golden Age Daredevil. [p. 240]

Kid Friendlyblank Walt Disney’s The Three Musketeers Graphic Novel – Mickey, Donald, and Goofy star in this Disney adaptation. [p. 276]

Doctor Who #1 – The comic series with all new stories based on the modern BBC TV show. [p. 281]

Speed Racer: Chronicles of the Racer #1 – Brand new stories about several generations of the Racer clan based on the classic Japanese cartoon. [p. 284]

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Intelligence Gathering #1 – A new mini-series with all a new story featuring Picard and the crew of the Enterprise-D. [p. 285]

Noble Causes Archives Vol. 1
– Collecting the first 600 pages of the ongoing series a la Marvel Essentials and DC’s Showcase Presents books. [p. 146]

The Astounding Wolfman #5 – Invincible and Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman, combines his talents to write an excellent horror/superhero combo series. [p. 149]

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures
– Finally, the second part of the Laurell K. Hamilton adaptation is here. [p. 5]

Ultimate Human #1 – Warren Ellis pits Iron Man against the Hulk in his next Ultimate epic. [p. 7]

Spider-Man: With Great Power… #1 – David Lapham (Daredevil vs. Punisher) and Tony Harris (Ex Machina) show the very earliest days of Peter Parker’s Spider-Man career. [p. 18]

Captain America #34 – The amazingly entertaining Ed Brubaker run continues with the return of the title character, but this is not Steve Rogers. Alex Ross designed the new Cap uniform. [p. 24]

Hulk #1 – The creative team behind the best-selling Superman/Batman launches a new title for the green goliath. Wait did I say “green”? The Hulk in this title is decidedly red with rage! [p. 39]

Young Avengers Presents #1 – Solo stories of Marvel’s coolest new characters by top creators. First up is Patriot written by Ed Brubaker (X-Men: Messiah Complex). [p. 53]

New Exiles #1 – This is a re-start for the protectors of Marvel’s own multiverse written by legendary X-writer, Chris Claremont and art in the mighty Marvel tradition by Tom Grummett. [p. 76]

X-Factor: Madrox – Multiple Choice Hard Cover – This reprints the mini-series that started a new era for X-Factor. Peter David’s Madrox is a brilliant blend of science fiction, crime noir, and superhero genres delving into the philosophy of identity. [p. 93]

Fantastic Four: The End TPB – Collecting the mini-series by Alan Davis about a possible future for the FF. Davis gives us classic Marvel characters in an engaging space epic that is one of the best FF stories of the last 20 years! [p. 104]

Kid Friendlyblank Asterix Omnibus Volume 1 and Volume 2 Hard Covers and Soft Covers – These comics stories are famous the world over. These books each collect 3 classic adventures of the ancient Gauls Asterix and Obilex. Volume 1 collects Asterix the Gaul, Asterix and the Golden Sickle, and Asterix and the Goths. Volume 2 collects Asterix and The Actress, Asterix and the Class Act, and Asterix and the Falling Sky. [p. 312]

  1. Capt Logan November 8, 2007

    January's looking like a good month for comics. The new Captain America costume actually looks really cool in my opinion, but I'm clenching my teeth waiting to see who's going to be in the costume. I haven't been keeping up, so I'm not sure if any subtle hints have been dropped, but I oh-so hope it's Bucky Barnes.

  2. Susan Koller November 12, 2007


    Contact: Susan Koller, Publicity Director
    PH: (937) 388-0088
    FX: (937) 388-0089

    The wait is over!
    New books being shipped from Checker Book Publishing Group
    Dayton, Ohio- Checker Book Publishing Group is excited to announce that some of our great new titles from our highly anticipated fall 2007 lineup began being shipped by Diamond Comic Distributors the week of October15th. The shipment contained of the following titles:

    Dream of the Rarebit Fiend: The Saturdays JUN073373
    This oversized volume collects in a softcover edition for the first time McCay’s groundbreaking Saturday strips from March 1904-October 1911. These were wild, imaginative fantasy strips, with no recurring characters, which featured the protagonists having a dream caused by eating “rarebit”. Each cartoon is a self-contained and ended as the dreamer awoke from his or her nightmare. Checker’s new softcover edition of Dream of the Rarebit Fiend makes this collection available to the book trade and collectors since the very limited edition hardcover edition was released only to comic book stores, and just as quickly sold out, in 2006.

    Dream of the Rarebit Fiend: The Saturdays Winsor McCay, Writer/Illustrator
    $19.95, ISBN –10 1-933160-65-9, ISBN-13 978-1-933160-65-8, 200 pages, full color,

    Winsor McCay: Early Works Vol. 9 JUL063019
    Winsor McCay’s art shouts from rooftops of the great architecture of modernist America. A triple dose of “Dream of the Rarebit Fiend” Saturdays, weekdays, and a color section. .Also more scathing editorial works and extremely rare illustrations from “Temperance- or Prohibition”

    Winsor McCay: Early Works Vol. 9 Winsor McCay, Writer/Illustrator
    $19.95, ISBN –10 1-933160-07-1 ISBN-13 978-1-933160-07-8, 200 pages

    Scion- Volume 6: Royal Wedding: JAN073489
    The great war between the Heron Dynasty and the Raven Dynasty is quelled by the marriage of Ylena, daughter of Heron King Dane, and the malevolent Bron of the Raven Dynasty. This edition includes the issues 34-39 of the original series.

    Scion- Volume 6: Royal Wedding Writer, Ron Marz; Illustrator, Jimmy Cheung
    $17.95, ISBN-10 1-933160-60-8 ISBN-13 978-1-933160-60-3, 172 pages, full color, glossy paper stock and

    Way of The Rat, V 3 : Haunted Zhumar FEB073297
    Trapped in Old Mother’s house by an army of evil ghosts, things get bad for Boon and Po Po thanks to arrival of Kung Kung Yi. Who is this powerful spirit and why do the undead fear him? This edition collects issues 13-18 of the original series

    Way of The Rat, V 3 : Haunted Zhumar Writer ,Chuck Dixon; Illustrator, Jeff Johnson
    $17.95, ISBN -10 1-933160-59-4, ISBN-13 978-1-933160-59-7 172 pages, full color, glossy paper stock

    Sigil Vol. 5 Death Match MAR073294
    The next galactic graphic novel IS HERE! Humanity’s last hope for survival is a grizzled mercenary. To save us all, Samandahl Rey must face the mighty Suarian Weapon master, but what will Sam be forced to unleash to achieve his victory? This edition collects issues 27-32 of the series.

    Sigil Vol. 5 Death Match Writer, Chuck Dixon; Illustrator, Scott Eaton
    $17.95, ISBN –10 1-933160-58-6, ISBN-13 978-1-933160-58-0, 172 pages, full color, glossy paper stock
    Flash Gordon Volume 1 MAR042360
    Attention all Flash Gordon and sci-fi fans! This is your lucky day. Checker is printing this book for the third time. This full color first volume of Alex has already sold thousands and thousands of copies. Because of its popularity, it is extremely hard to keep this title in stock. Due to the fact that the new Flash Gordon smash hit television series on the Sci-Fi Channel will create a whole new generation of Flash Gordon fans, Checker has decided to bring the title back. The reprint copies are going fast, so get yours now.

    Flash Gordon Vol. 1 Alex Raymond. Writer/Illustrator
    $19.95, ISBN10 0-9741664-3-X ISBN-13 978-0-974166-43-8, 96 pages, color pager

    Growingold with BC; A 50 Year Celebration JUN073372
    This fall Checker Book Publishing marks the upcoming 50th anniversary of an American cartoon icon: B.C. by Johnny Hart!! We will are proud to present the VERY BEST collection of BC, strips chosen by Johnny Hart prior to his death in April 2007, in a collection which celebrates the half- century love affair America has with the introspective caveman community. Featuring rare and never before published concept art for the strip and a compendium of each individual decade, the GrowinGold With BC: A 50 Year Celebration edition collects the Reuben award winning strip more comprehensively than ever before. Thor, Wiley, Ida and of course BC himself are all here in one hilarious birthday party for one of America's most enduring comic strips. The collection features special artwork drawn by Johnny Hart for this edition prior to his passing.

    Growingold with BC A 50 Year Celebration Johnny Hart. Writer/Illustrator
    $19.95, ISBN-13: 978-1-933160-68-9 ISBN-10: 1-933160-68-3, 200 pages, black and white

    Checker Book Publishing Group was established in 2000 to bring the absolute best of dormant, unpublished, and under-published serial comics and cartooning back to print. A private concern, Checker compiles complete, durable and affordable cartoon trade books for sale to such comic shops, bookstores and libraries as may require them for resale or public archiving. Checker Book Publishing Group is located in Dayton, Ohio.

    For more information concerning this and other Checker titles, feel free to drop by our website at:

  3. Susan Koller December 3, 2007


    Contact: Susan Koller, Publicity Director
    PH: (937) 388-0088
    FX: (937) 388-0089

    For more information on these and other titles, visit

    Hart! McCay! Outcault! Edginton and Land!

    Checker Book Publishing Group, the comics and graphic novel reprint specialist, announces its exciting 2007 Fall lineup guaranteed to satisfy any comics fan.

    Beginning in August, Checker releases Johnny Hart’s GrowinGold with B.C.: A 50 Year Celebration. Produced with the complete cooperation of the Hart family, this was the last project Johnny Hart worked on before his untimely death earlier this year. Johnny Hart’s GrowinGold with B.C. features more than 500 strips from over 50 years of syndication – personally selected by Hart, himself. The artist also provided the original cover art and never-before-seen concept art from the strip’s beginnings in the 1950’s.

    The early groundbreaking days of comic strips aren’t forgotten by Checker when Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo in Slumberland, Volume 2 by Winsor McCay and R.F. Outcault’s Yellow Kid (with Pore Lil Mose) by R.F. Outcault are released in October.

    Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo in Slumberland, Volume 2 continues the amazing adventures of Little Nemo. This gorgeous book, in a keepsake hardcover limited edition, features full color adventures of Little Nemo in Slumberland from 1909-1914, and the previously never fully collected 1924-1926 run, with a preponderance presented in full color.

    R.F. Outcault’s Yellow Kid (with Pore Lil Mose) Widely considered to be the first comic strip in America, "The Yellow Kid" was drawn by R. F. Outcault for the powerful Pulitzer and Hearst newspapers from 1895 until 1898. The "Kid's" popularity rose to previously unheard of heights and is believed to be the first character to be widely merchandised. Collected here is the entire run of Outcault's strip, including early precursor cartoons and the later strips "Huckleberry Volunteers" and "Casey's Corner" featuring the Yellow Kid. Also several pieces of never before collected Outcault art. Each image is accompanied by painstakingly researched annotations explaining the cartoon's context as it relates to the politics and social atmosphere of the era.

    Also featured is the largest collection of the ultra-rare "Pore Li'l Mose" strips ever published. Dating from the "New York Herald" of 1900-1902, "Mose" is possibly the very first depiction of an African-American title character in American comics. Although the strip would be considered largely offensive by today's standards, as comics historians and antiquarian book dealers have discovered, "Mose" is symbolic of an looming social change, evidence of a new sensitivity of public opinion. The last time this strip was collected was in 1904.

    Additionally, Checker adds to its trade paperback collection of the ever-popular CrossGen properties, with an October release of Sojourn, Volume 6- The Berserker’s Tale, which collects issues 31-34 and the rare Prequel issue, written by Ian Edginton and drawn by fan favorite Greg Land, with Lewis LaRosa, Tom Derenick and Cliff Richards. Arwyn and her companions visit amazing new places on the journey to Skarnheim and throughout the Five Kingdoms with the prequel detailing Mordath's fall and resurrection. Fans still clamor for this classic good versus evil, choice versus fate storyline.

    The Checker Book Publishing Group, in Dayton, Ohio, is committed to publishing dormant, unpublished, and under-published serial comics and cartooning in affordable editions.

    Johnny Hart’s GrowinGold with B.C.
    By Johnny Hart
    $19.95, Paperback, 9”x9”
    ISBN-10: 1-933160-68-3
    ISBN-13: 978-1-933160-68-9

    Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo in Slumberland, Volume 2
    By Winsor McCay
    $49.95, Hardcover, 9”x12”,
    ISBN-10: 1-933160-22-5
    ISBN-13: 978-1-933160-22-1

    R.F. Outcault’s Yellow Kid (With Pore Lil Mose)
    By R.F. Outcault
    $49.95, Hardcover, Landscape, Annotated, 12.5" x 9"
    Count: 240 pages, full color
    ISBN-10: 1-933160-69-1,
    ISBN-13: 978-1933160-69-6

    Sojourn, Volume 6- The Berserker’s Tale
    By Ian Edginton and Greg Land, et al,
    $17.95, Paperback, 6.75”x 10.25”,
    ISBN-10: 1-933160-72-1
    ISBN-13: 978-1-933160-72-6

  4. Susan Koller December 4, 2007


    Contact: Susan Koller, Publicity Director
    PH: (937) 388-0088
    FX: (937) 388-0089


    Dayton, Ohio- Checker Book Publishing Group is excited to announce that one of our most popular books ever, GrowingGold with B.C.: A 50 Year Celebration by Johnny Hart, has just shipped by Diamond Comic Distributors. Review copies of this great book are available from Checker!

    With the passing of the great Johnny Hart, Checker publisher Mark Thompson felt this move was an “excellent tribute” to Hart. The book had been completed in its entirety, with the valuable assistance and total cooperation of the Hart Family, and Johnny Hart, himself, had personally selected the nearly 500 cartoon strips of B.C. that comprise the book and provided the original cover art, shortly before his untimely death over the 2007 Easter weekend.

    Starting with the strip’s earliest beginning, in 1958, to the present, 2007, these strips will delight anyone who has followed the antics of Peter, Thor, Fat Broad, Wiley and all the rest of the cast in a prehistoric world populated by dinosaurs, ants and anteaters. Using a combination of bad puns and subtle humor with a simplistic drawing style, B.C. was one of the longest running strips still being written and drawn by its original creator.

    GrowingGold with B.C. will certainly bring back fond memories of the strip that is carried in over 1300 newspapers across the country and read by millions of readers each day.

    According to Creators Syndicate, B.C. and Johnny Hart have won many awards. They include the Best Humor Strip in America, National Cartoonist Society, 1967; The Reuben, Cartoonist of the Year, National Cartoonist Society, 1968; The Yellow Kid Award, International Congress of Comics, 1970; and the Seger Award, King Features, 1981.

    Though other B.C. paperback collections have been gathered throughout the years, GrowingGold with B.C. is sofcover, with each strip produced in its original size. Johnny Hart also contributes artwork that has rarely been seen and never before published and shares his recollections about his career and show readers the inspiration for the strip’s characters.

    Growingold with BC A 50 Year Celebration Johnny Hart. Writer/Illustrator
    $19.95, ISBN-13: 978-1-933160-68-9 ISBN-10: 1-933160-68-3, 200 pages, black and white

    Checker Book Publishing Group was established in 2000 to bring the absolute best of dormant, unpublished, and under-published serial comics and cartooning back to print. A private concern, Checker compiles complete, durable and affordable cartoon trade books for sale to such comic shops, bookstores and libraries as may require them for resale or public archiving. Checker Book Publishing Group is located in Dayton, Ohio.

    For more information concerning this and other Checker titles, feel free to drop by our website at:

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