Sorry, The ANNEX is No More! BUT…

May 22, 2007

BUT, BUT that doesn’t mean the great sales are ending. Read on – The landlord found a new tenant (one willing to pay full rent!) so we had to give up all of that glorious room. So where did all of that stuff go, you ask? It’s in a public storage unit. As a result, we will be rotating the bins in the shop with boxes in storage. We will try to do it once a week.
Here is what is also in storage: 2 of the custom wooden comic bins that we use for our back issues. Each unit measures 8′ by 2′ and has 11 openings – the same as the ones in the store. AND… they could be yours, for only $75 each (less than the cost of the lumber!). We still have those Starting Line-ups and Star Trek figures at only $2.00 each, BUT, if someone would be willing to take ALL of a group, you can have them for only one buck per piece!


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